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Clearly see where you are, what brought you there and mostly: in which direction you want to develop. New insights, increased motivation and more positive behaviour in areas like relationships, self-care, work-life balance and formation of healthy habits.

With Personal Coaching, you will:

  • uncover blindspots: certain things that you simply can’t see on your own;
  • get to know and lead yourself better;
  • build a respectfull relationship with your own body;
  • receive my neutrality (I’m not involved and don’t give advice) in which you can reflect on your own choices freely;
  • feel the safety to explore your motivations, fears and challenges without being judged;
  • give your growth full attention, since a session is all about you;
  • help yourself to stick to your own goals.

Are you ready to:

  • commit to take time for, and attention to yourself
  • start recognising signals of your body
  • find rest in your body
  • recognize your physical, emotional and mental patterns
  • reflect on how you use your body&mind connection
  • take responsibility for your overall well-being

Personal growth develops from the inside out. It takes self-reflection. Especially when you’re struggling. My clients treat themselves to my sessions, so they can deepen their self-knowledge and make responsible personal and professional decisions.


Coaching intake-session

75.00 90 minutes

Intake-session for companies

90.00 90 minutes

intake-session: 90 minutes, to get a clear picture of your situation and to see if my coaching fits your demand.
regular session: 75 minutes

Weekly, bi-weekly, 3-weekly or monthly sessions, depending on your situation/preference.

Usually, first sessions are more frequent and take longer. If you don’t need sessions, we don’t schedule them. You can always get back to me when you’re feeling stuck again.

English and Dutch.

regular sessions
individuals: €95 per hour (incl. VAT)
(paid by) companies: €115 per hour (incl. VAT)

intake session (90 minutes)
individuals: €75 (incl. VAT)
(paid by) companies: €90 per hour (incl. VAT)

No shows
You can re-schedule or cancel a session untill 24 hours in advance. If you cancel after, or don’t show up, the planned session will be 100% charged without refund.

I work independently of health insurances and their systems. So I won’t share any files or other information with anyone, not even your general practitioner (huisarts). If there is a reason to consult with an outside professional, like your general practitioner, I will only do this with clear and written permission by you.

Mijn sessies met Amanda heb ik ervaren als waardevolle momenten die hebben bijgedragen aan mijn persoonlijke groei en ik kijk er met een heel warm gevoel op terug.

Haar warme persoonlijkheid, openheid en professionaliteit zorgden voor een veilige omgeving om jezelf bloot te kunnen geven. Samen met haar kon ik tot de kern komen, hoe pijnlijk en moeilijk dit soms was, gaf zij de handvatten om op een liefdevolle manier naar je zelf te kijken en van daaruit verder te werken. De lessen en inzichten die ik hierbij heb verworven dankzij haar fijne begeleiding heb ik voor de rest van mijn leven in mijn hart gesloten.”

– Karine, na 5 Personal Coaching sessions