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During sessions we’ll work on the ‘inside’: how you communicate with yourself (mindset), and the ‘outside’: how you communicate to others (expression). We establish who you’d like to be in social situations, and use effective techniques to get there.

We all have social comfort-zones: you might like to be the ‘attentive listener’, or the ‘flexible partner’, the ‘enthusiastic socialite’, or others. Pick yours, you probably have a few.

You live out your familiar social roles, until life invites you to act differently. Life does this in subtle ways: a new job that requires you to speak more to groups, or a new relationship that inspires you to become a better listener. And life does this by dropping not-so-subtle bombs: like burn-out that makes you realize you need to set healthy boundaries. Or a heart-wrecking break-up that makes you want to learn how to better express your needs and desires.

Guess what? Social behavior can be trained. We’re social beings after all, we’re incredibly resilient, and our socialization is never ‘finished’. You can become competent in social skills that feel new and maybe even uncomfortable today. During sessions, we’ll use effective tools and techniques to give your training the attention it deserves.

Social focus
Being a sociologist at heart, I understand the vast importance of someone’s social history on their individual behavior. After all, our social environments -like family, school and culture- have a huge impact on the person we are today. I use this social focus to help you better understand and value your current behavior, and to develop additional skills from there.

Like all psychological patterns, your social patterns are stored in your body. Based on your past experiences, your body (neurons, nerves, glands, hormones, muscles and more -the whole band) reacts on a social situation. It’s not just your mind that keeps the score. So when learning new social skills, you have to work with the body too. And your body learns by doing. Physically moving and experiencing. That’s why I always give attention to embodied exercises, presence (being here-and-now), and body-awareness (feeling what’s up in your body).

With Personal Coaching, you will:

  • feel more at ease with yourself in social situations;
  • develop better ‘mental hygiene’ (taking good care of your mental state);
  • learn how to listen to signals of your body;
  • have a non-judgemental space in which you can reflect on your own choices freely;
  • feel the safety to explore your motivations, fears and challenges without being judged;
  • give your growth full attention, since a session is all about you;
  • help yourself to stick to your own goals.

Are you ready to:

  • express yourself clearly and with ease
  • commit to take time for yourself
  • recognize your social, physical, emotional and mental patterns
  • develop healthy patterns
  • grow your self-confidence
  • effectively use your body&mind connection
  • take responsibility for your overall well-being

Clear expression develops from the inside out.

intake-session: 90 minutes, to get a clear picture of your situation and to see if my coaching fits your demand.
regular session: fully depends on your individual case. From 30 minutes to multiple hours: it’s all possible.

Weekly, bi-weekly, 3-weekly or monthly sessions, depending on your situation/preference.

Usually, first sessions are more frequent and take longer. If you don’t need sessions, we don’t schedule them. You can always get back to me when you want.

English and Dutch.

regular sessions
individuals: €95 per hour (incl. VAT)
(paid by) companies: €115 per hour (incl. VAT)

intake session (90 minutes)
individuals: €75 (incl. VAT)
(paid by) companies: €90 per hour (incl. VAT)

No shows
You can re-schedule or cancel a session until 24 hours in advance. If you cancel after, or don’t show up, the planned session will be 100% charged without refund.

I work independently of health insurances and their systems. So I won’t share any files or other information with anyone, not even your general practitioner (huisarts). If there is a reason to consult with an outside professional, like your general practitioner, I will only do this with clear and written permission by you.

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My sessions with Amanda were very valuable to me, as they greatly contributed to my personal growth. I look back at them with love.
Her warmth, open personality and professionalism created a safe-space to open-up. Together with her, I could get to the core of it. And however painful and difficult at times, she always gave tools to help me look at myself with love, and encouraged to continue from there. I’ll forever carry within my heart the lessons and insights that I acquired thanks to her guidance.

– Karine, after 5 Personal Coaching sessions