start living with the seasons

Summer Edition: self-expression

Summer season starts on June 21st. When we see the sun at its highest, brightest, and longest of all days. Flowers bloom, trees are green, animals roam: nature is fully alive and shows it’s beauty. Summer is a season of expression. A period that can feel rich, abundant and at times overwhelming.

Summer’s nature invites you to also express yourself. Let’s create the beauty that wants to burst out from within. When self-love underlies your expression, you will find a sense of flow and peace in it. It will come naturally, without feelings of self-doubt, perfectionism and other fears.

During this loving afternoon you will uncover what wants to be expressed within you. Jamilla and I carefully selected fitting yin and yang yoga postures, guided meditations, voice-exercises, breathing techniques and inspiring stories. A whole arsenal of carefully coordinated techniques that will help you to express yourself with loving self-esteem.

About the Seasonal Sundays series

Seasons change, and so do you. Want to increase your awareness of your inner developments? Learn how to use the seasonal changes around you for this self-inquiry?

To help you tune into nature ánd yourself, Jamilla and I organize seasonal gatherings in which we’ll bring your body&mind in tune with the flow of the season. We’ll work with postures, meridians, movement and breathing exercises that fit the elements of the season.

Are you in?

You’ll get

– a steady self-care day: one sunday afternoon per season, all yours
– full immersion into a broad range of techniques, professionally guided
– extend your knowledge of the seasons’s effects on your body and mind
– increased insights and self-esteem
– inspiration from ancient myths and legends about the seasons

24 March Spring

What’s sprouting?


23 June Summer

What’s florishing?


22 September Fall

What’s left behind?

retreating to your core

29 December Winter

2019: looking back & wrapping up the year, after which we’ll explore stillness and rest (it’s winter after all).

Your day. Each season. Treat yourself to this 3-monthly self-care afternoon.


Amanda Beugeling
Amanda creates moments where people can connect to themselves. She combine professional coaching techniques with yoga. This leads to a profound embodied experience that nourishes your physical, emotional and mental health.
Jamilla Boyer
Yin teacher Jamilla Boyer is known for her deep and warm guidance during her classes. Yin poses lead to deep release, exactly what we’re looking for. Jamilla also has an open-minded and warm vibe, so you’ll feel instantly at home around her.


12.45 – doors open
13.00 – warm welcome, introduction seasonal theme and meditation
13.30 – vitalising gentle vinyasa flow yogales
14.30 – inspiration: seasonal storytelling
15.00 – BREAK
15.15 – deep relaxation with yin yoga and yoga nidra
16.30 – breathing exercises
17.15 – inspiration: seasonal storytelling
18.00 – closing

Healthy snacks and tea are provided for. *programme might slightly change


We’ll host the Sundays at the beautiful and light:

Yogaschool Noord NDSM
Plotterstraat 13
1033 RX Amsterdam


€50 per afternoon.