Teamwork makes the dream work

Much of today’s interaction between colleages happens behind screens. Embodied group-coaching brings them back to face-to-face, in the present-moment and real-life-interaction. That’s where profound relating and understanding happens. Expect these workshops to boost morale, team-spirit and interpersonal relations.

Interested in a workshop?

Learn more about my custom-made interactive workshops that advance behavioural learning – which focuses on changes in behaviour due to experience. In other words: we will carry out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. You can expect a combination of methods inspired by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, MIT’s Theory U, the Masters Conflict Resolution and Governance at the Graduate school of Social Sciences, mindfulness and body-focused coaching.

Each workshop is unique, and designed around the demands and needs of the team or individual I work with. Have a look at the general descriptions of trainings underneath, which can then be tailored to your companies needs.

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Workshop: body language

An significant part of our communication is nonverbal. It’s not only about what you say, but how you say it. Especially in social jobs it’s valuable to gain bodily information to help influencing yourself ánd others. Making you a tactful, self-confident yet laid-back leader who can think creatively and clearly. In this workshop, we’ll explore body posture, power relations, emotional and physical self-awareness and much more.



Workshop: mistake-making

If you’re not willing to make mistakes, you never come up with anything original. Creative processes, experiments, play… they boost progress and innovation. And they are characterized by constant mistake-making and deviating from any original plan. Some of our biggest inventions were mistakes. Ironically, mistakes are often stigmatized. We’re taught that they are the worst thing that could happen, with pacifying feelings of shame and guilt as a result. In this workshop, we’ll challenge that mindset and instead encourage mistakes!


Workshop: exploring stress

We all know that stress is bad for you. It negatively affects your physical health, your ability to think and act wisely and compassionately towards others and yourself… Ironically, this knowledge stresses us out even more. Our to-do lists grow with stress-management to-do’s, like: taking yoga classes, mindfulness courses, moments of rest etc. And we rarely follow up on our good intentions. Which adds to the stress!

In this workshop we don’t want to get rid of stress, but do quite the opposite: we’ll explore it! We accept stress as a part of our lives and observe it. We’ll consciously tune-into the feelings of stress in our bodies. We’ll get as intimate with stress as we can, and learn to recognize it. The beauty of this approach is, that there is nothing we have to change about ourselves and get more resilient along the way.