Natural Leadership – Training & Coaching

You can only naturally lead your personal and professional life, when you’re in touch with your body, emotions and intellect. This connection gets challenged when you’re under pressure. I guide you in staying connected, at all times.


Natural leadership develops from the inside out. It takes self-reflection. Especially when you’re struggling. My clients treat themselves to my sessions, so they can deepen their self-knowledge and make personal and professional decisions from there.


You can find me at…

…the University of Amsterdam, Bussiness School – to teach courses on leadership development
…my practice in Amsterdam North (Distelweg 74C) – for one-on-one sessions
…in the Moroccan Sahara and the Dutch forests – to lead retreats
…Yogaschool Noord – to teach classes and courses in yoga, mindfullness and meditation

Natural Leadership Coaching. Something for you?

You will meet crossroads and struggle in life. Small and large ones. It’s an essential part of growing. When approached well, you develop authenticy. In other words: you’ll be more aligned with your own inner being and values. I assist self-reflection on all levels: body, mind and intellect. So you can start leading your personal and professional life from there. Naturally.


Interview in Intermediair Magazine:

‘Touching your neck and literally pointing fingers at others can be a sign of feeling insecure. But it’s also useful to consciously feel adrenaline rushing through your body. In trainings, Beugeling sometimes blindfolds people to then make noise by hitting on pans and pots. ‘Even if you know that a situation isn’t ‘really’ stressful, your body does react. Recognising the signals of your body and giving yourself breathing-space in those moments can help you not to loose yourself in actual stressful situations. (read more, in Dutch)’

Intermediair Magazine

I found Amanda’s workshop on ‘body language & diplomacy’ extremely interesting, and I’ll remember it forever.Participant United Nations International Student Conference Amsterdam


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