Training & Coaching

for students, professionals and teams

Ready for the next step?

I train the mental, emotional and social skills needed to move forward.

– public speaking
– stress management
– communication skills / soft skills


The way I work

The way I work combines 3 perspectives:
the psychodynamic, the systemic/social and the embodiment perspective.


Outer struggle reflects inner struggle. I’m a certified Psychodynamic Coach because I believe that when you’re stuck (as an individual or a team) it’s worth understanding what our underlying psycho-dynamic processes are. Only then, we can actively influence them to achieve permanent development and improvement.

  • Techniques that I use mostly come from the fields of Psychodynamics, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Social / Systemic

My academic background in the fields of Behavioral Science, namely Sociology (BSc) and Political Science (MSc Conflict Resolution), and later working professionally in these fields taught me a lot about the social influence on people’s perception, behavior and mindset. When I work with groups, I focus especially on group-dynamics. When I work with individual clients, I always take their (past and current) social environments into consideration.

  • Techniques that I use to work with this social focus mostly come from the fields of Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Communication, Theory-U and Family Constellations.


I believe that the way we think and behave is cast back in our bodies. So when I work with groups and individuals, leaving the body out is not an option. That’s why I always give attention to embodied exercises, presencing (being here-and-now), and body-awareness (feeling what’s up in your body).

  • Techniques that I use to work towards embodiment mostly come from the fields of mindfulness, breath-work, yoga (500+ hour teacher training and 2500+ hours of teaching) and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


You can find me at…

  • my practice in Amsterdam North at Distelweg 74C
    • …for individual coaching sessions
  • the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business, section Leadership & Management
    • …to teach courses on self-management, people skills and public speaking
  • in the Moroccan Sahara and the Dutch forests
    • …to guide retreats that boost inner balance
  • Rumah Yoga
    • …to teach courses on mindfulness, yoga and meditation

Interview in Intermediair Magazine:

‘It’s useful to consciously feel adrenaline rushing through your body. In trainings, she sometimes blindfolds people to then make noise by hitting on pans and pots. ‘Even if you know that a situation isn’t ‘really’ stressful, your body does react. Recognising stress-signals of your body and giving yourself breathing-space in those moments can help you not to loose yourself in ‘real’stressfull situations. (read more, in Dutch)’
Intermediair Magazine

Individual 1-on-1 Sessions

Through 1-on-1 sessions, you’ll find the root of where you’re stuck and the tools to grow into your preferred direction. My style is compassionate, non-judgemental and gently challenging. English and Dutch.