Training & Coaching

for students, professionals and private individuals

On a crossroad? I’ll help you work through it.

Everybody gets stuck sometimes: it’s part of growth and development. I’ll help you get unstuck and actively train the mental, emotional and social skills that you need to move forward.

Examples issues you might want to tackle:
– fear of public speaking
– feeling overly responsible
– hyperventilation
– sleeplessness
– worrying and over-thinking
– stress
– finding it hard to make decisions

Examples of skills that can be trained:
– the ability to clearly express needs and desires
– speaking in public
– emotional self-regulation
– sensing and expressing healthy boundaries
– emotional intelligence
– physical relaxation
– communication skills / soft skills


The way I work

The way I work combines 3 perspectives:
the psychodynamic, the systemic/social and the embodiment perspective.


Outer struggle reflects inner struggle. I’m a certified Psychodynamic Coach because I believe that when you’re stuck (as an individual or a team) it’s worth understanding what our underlying psycho-dynamic processes are. Only then, we can actively influence them to achieve permanent development and improvement.

  • Techniques that I use mostly come from the fields of Psychodynamics, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Social / Systemic

My academic background in the fields of Behavioral Science, namely Sociology (BSc) and Political Science (MSc Conflict Resolution), and later working professionally in these fields taught me a lot about the social influence on people’s perception, behavior and mindset. When I work with groups, I focus especially on group-dynamics. When I work with individual clients, I always take their (past and current) social environments into consideration.

  • Techniques that I use to work with this social focus mostly come from the fields of Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Communication, Theory-U and Family Constellations.


I believe that the way we think and behave is cast back in our bodies. So when I work with groups and individuals, leaving the body out is not an option. That’s why I always give attention to embodied exercises, presencing (being here-and-now), and body-awareness (feeling what’s up in your body).

  • Techniques that I use to work towards embodiment mostly come from the fields of mindfulness, breath-work, yoga (500+ hour teacher training and 2500+ hours of teaching) and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


You can find me at…

  • my practice in Amsterdam North at Distelweg 74C
    • …for individual coaching sessions
  • the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business, section Leadership & Management
    • …to teach courses on self-management, people skills and public speaking
  • in the Moroccan Sahara and the Dutch forests
    • …to guide retreats that boost inner balance
  • Rumah Yoga
    • …to teach courses on mindfulness, yoga and meditation

Interview in Intermediair Magazine:

‘It’s useful to consciously feel adrenaline rushing through your body. In trainings, she sometimes blindfolds people to then make noise by hitting on pans and pots. ‘Even if you know that a situation isn’t ‘really’ stressful, your body does react. Recognising stress-signals of your body and giving yourself breathing-space in those moments can help you not to loose yourself in ‘real’stressfull situations. (read more, in Dutch)’
Intermediair Magazine

Individual 1-on-1 Sessions

Through 1-on-1 sessions, you’ll find the root of where you’re stuck and the tools to grow into your preferred direction. My style is compassionate, non-judgemental and gently challenging. English and Dutch.


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